W1derus Educational Workshops

Coaching For Families

Our coaching services have been designed to support families holistically as they navigate the many systems within their communities.

coaching for families

Coaching For Families

Our coaching services at W1derus are customized to address specific needs and circumstances unique to each family. W1derus’s goal is to empower families to make informed decisions regarding life-altering choices, improve their relationships with themselves and with each other, and support them as they overcome challenges. The services are offered individually or for the whole family. We use a hands-on interactive approach that follows our RRCM Model.

While each session is unique to the individual and families, we hope participants leave with a better understanding of how to be accountable for their actions; how to strengthen their communication skills; how to uncover limiting beliefs and patterns that may be holding them back; how to increase their confidence and how to reduce stress.

our approach

W1derus utilizes the Remember, Reflect, Change, and Maintain (RRCM) approach developed by Founder and Director, Nicole Cummings-Morgan.

purpose of rrcm

This consulting method is aimed at assisting individuals in making lasting improvements in their lives. It involves prompting participants to recall something (Remember), guiding them through reflection (Reflect), facilitating change based on this newfound understanding (Change), and encouraging the maintenance of these changes for sustainable personal and professional growth (Maintain).

Implementation of RRCM

Participants are encouraged to recall past experiences (Remember) and reflect on them (Reflect). This reflection helps in initiating changes in behavior or approach (Change) based on the insights gained. Finally, the emphasis is on maintaining these changes over time to ensure continual personal and professional growth (Maintain).

Alignment with Core Values

W1derus values the idea that personal development is an ongoing journey rather than a one-time event. The RRCM approach harmonizes with this belief by emphasizing continual improvement and growth in both personal and professional aspects of life.