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W1derus provides a wide range of workshops and consulting services to promote personal and professional development using a holistic approach.

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Who Is W1derus For?

W1derus is for children, youth, young adults, and adults who want to develop themselves positively, to create or increase their earnings. W1derus is also for businesses and corporations who want to help make that happen for a healthy community.

Workshops For Children And Youth

Our workshops for children and youth are designed to support their journey to discovering their talents, gifts, and skills.

Workshops For Young Adults

Our workshops for Young Adults are designed to support their journey as they navigate the many opportunities available.

Workshops For Adults

Our workshops for adults are designed to support their journey to re-discover their talents, gifts, and skills as well as navigate the many opportunities available.

Consulting & Coaching Services

W1derus provides a wide range of coaching and consulting services to individuals, families, and businesses using a holistic approach, for holistic development.

Coaching For Families

Our coaching services are designed to support families holistically as they navigate the many systems within their communities.

Consulting For Businesses

Our consulting services for businesses are designed to provide diverse opportunities for them to promote staff development, community initiatives, and connections with organizations to act on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model.

Coaching & Tutoring for all

Our coaching and tutoring services are designed for individuals from 3 years of age – 99 years of age who require support academically and non-academically.


Our Purpose & Core Values

W1derer’s, I started W1derus EDUCATIONAL Workshops Inc. (WEW Inc.) to EMPOWER individuals aged 3 to 99. I believe that when people pursue their passions and use their talents, gifts, and skills, they live their PURPOSE. When they can do that AND earn a living, their purpose makes more sense! 

Research shows that living with a purpose positively impacts our HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT. Unfortunately, many of us are not living with a purpose at all. W1derus is here to change that. Through workshops, coaching, consulting, tutoring, mentoring, networking and so much more! W1derus is MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Here’s an example of how the gap starts: During our school experiences, we are not provided with the opportunities to use our talents, gifts, and skills. This then leads to boredom and lack of interest. Left unchecked, leads to behavioral issues and challenges. Fast forward to High School, we are unsure of what courses to select as nothing seems interesting enough. This uncertainty makes the choices for post-secondary school a bit challenging. We get into a program that leads to a degree/diploma/trade in something that unfortunately does not align with our passion. Possibly leading to regret. Possibly leading to unhappiness, leading to… you get the picture!

 At W1derus, we want to lead you to change! We want to be with you as you make a change to earn while doing what you love to do!

We Believe in

Education Through Lived Experiences

 Lived experiences offer a dynamic and holistic approach to learning, incorporating various cognitive, emotional, and sensory elements. This multifaceted engagement often leads to more effective and enduring learning outcomes, compared to passive or theoretical forms of learning.

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