W1derus Educational Workshops

W1dering About Us?

W1derus Educational Workshops Inc. is a social enterprise dedicated to building strong communities by transforming lives one skill at a time. The early years are foundational to unlocking potential and inspiring growth. Learning never ends!

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Hello W1derer’s!

Meet Our Team

Nicole Cummings-Morgan

Founder and Executive Director

Tanisha Cummings

Executive Assistant

Keaon Cummings

Marketing Manager

The Story of Why I started W1derus

My passion for helping others use their talents, gifts, and skills to create an earning was inspired by the change I wanted to see. I saw children making choices that were not healthy or positive for our communities. I saw adults making choices that negatively impacted their children. Why was this happening? Through many conversations, I came to one conclusion: when adults are unhappy with their professional lives, it negatively impacts their personal lives. When they behave poorly because of their unhappiness, it is modeled to their children who learn from what they see. A cycle begins.

I am an optimist who believes when children start to use their talents, gifts, and skills early, they will focus on their positive opportunities, which I believe can prevent negative behaviours. I also believe when children feel a sense of autonomy in choosing their path towards their professional goals, they will be much happier in their personal lives because they know the choice was theirs and no one else’s. This action begins a change in the cycle.

Offering workshops, coaching, and consulting services for children, youth, and adults at their home, school, work, community centre, or place of worship – provides a convenient opportunity for them to develop themselves personally and professionally without a geographical barrier.
I, through W1derus, want to remove as many barriers associated with helping children, youth and adults be better at what they are already good at (they just haven’t figured it out yet!). I believe when people are feeling good about using their talents, gifts, and skills – especially to make an earning – they are less likely to take on behaviors that negatively impact their lives and the lives of those around them. I believe no one person, family, or business can do it alone. It takes a village! It takes collaboration!

Our Mission & Goals

Inspiring growth. Empowering individuals. Creating skills for life, skills for success.


W1derus Educational Workshop is dedicated to bringing information to children, youth, adults, and businesses by providing the best workshops, coaching, and consulting that improves holistic development.


By 2027, we hope to reach over 5000 children, youth, adults, and businesses by providing workshops, coaching, and consulting that improves their holistic development. We believe this goal will contribute to helping individuals be more positive within our communities.