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Education Through Lived Experiences

Education Through Lived Experiences

With a goal to make the lives of our community better we are “Transforming lives, one workshop at a time!” through research-based evidence, resources that are culturally responsive, and best of all, real-life experiences. Our workshops and consultation sessions provide EDUCATION THROUGH LIVED EXPERIENCES!

What does Education Through Lived Experiences mean? It means that learning happens outside of the traditional educational settings. It is beyond a teacher educating a student and is more of what a teacher learns from their students. It’s about students learning from one another. It’s about living, or surviving, through an experience and learning what to do next time. It’s about learning from those who have lived through experiences that you couldn’t, or wouldn’t. It’s children learning from their parents and parents learning from their children. It’s about learning from other people’s life choices – the good ones and the not so good ones. It’s about developing human connections through volunteer work and internships.It’s the short memorable conversation you had with a stranger on the street.It’s all of these things and more. That’s what Education Through Lived Experiences mean.

Now, we don’t want you to misunderstand our points. At W1derus we know that traditional educational settings serves its purpose. What we don’t understand is why, with all the research that has been developed, the traditional educational setting is still being practiced the same way? Things need to be different. 

And that’s what W1derus is doing. Something different! We make learning fun, practical and engaging! We start participants learning as early as the prenatal stage, going right through the entire lifespan.
We create and design workshops for parents, children, adults and seniors, using real-life experiences from industry leading professionals, local business owners and employees, large and small corporation CEO’s, trades people, and others. We augment the education that many individuals are receiving. This becomes evident through everyday interactions, short conversations, amazing stories, and viable strategies. Our unique and constructive workshops, and consulting services, offer key aspects of what our community needs to capitalize on an individual’s overall learning potential.
When individuals are happy with what they are doing in their life, they are in turn, happy with themselves. Once happy with themselves, they are better for their families and more productive at their job. As research shows, happy people lead lives that are healthy and positive. Healthy and positive people make great contributions to their community generating a ripple effect of great things!

How It all got started

About Me

Nicole Cummings

Nicole Cummings-Morgan

Executive Director

My name is Nicole Cummings-Morgan and I am an Ontario Certified Elementary Teacher (OCT), a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE), and I am the Executive Director.
I am a Momma, a wife, an Aunty, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a godparent, a Friend, an Observer, a Connector, a Coach, a Consultant, a facilitator, a speaker, a fun-haver, a fun-maker, an idea-generator, an author, and a FOODIE! I am the 2020 Community Impact Award recipient from the University of Guelph-Humber; I am the team lead for the Community of Black ECES with the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario’s Community of Practice. I love helping others and I’ve been blessed with a gift to do so. W1derus allows me, and my team, the opportunity to help those in our community achieve financial security and personal development while doing what they love to do, while using the talents, gifts and skills that were bestowed upon them.