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I Find It Hard To Learn

About the story:

I Find it Hard to Learn is a story about understanding learning experiences, and the challenges associated with doing things differently. Filled with beautiful illustrations, colours and nameless characters, the story touches the lives of those who have faced similar situations in their education experience. Thankfully, now they can feel relief and confidence, in knowing that they were (are) not alone.
The story is a resource for parents, educators, adults and children. It is the perfect start to a great conversation about a topic that impacts so many people all around the world. As a tool for child care, schools, teacher education programs, early childhood and child development programs, it highlights why and how important reflecting on our practices can make a difference in the lives of our young people. Parents can also reflect on their parenting practices. Beautifully, the story ends with a clear understanding of how important family support, and kind words from others, and yourself, can empower, strengthen and build success!

About the author:

Nicole is a KID-EO! A kid on the inside of an adult body. She loves to make kids laugh and loves to make them cry… FROM LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!! As an Educator, she understands the importance of teaching through experiences, and she finds storytelling the best way to share them. One of her tricks is to use children’s stories to teach adults a few lessons (wink, wink families!). She lives in Scarborough with her family whom she “loves like cooked food”! She is an Early Childhood Educator, Ontario Certified Teacher, Educational Consultant, and Lead Facilitator.

About the illustrator:

Max Coutard is a Montreal-born, freelance illustrator based in Toronto. Drawing and visual storytelling has always been a constant. From a young age, he used to create intricate story books and comics. He works tirelessly to craft meaningful visual stories that engage communities and expand audiences on social media, print, video, and elsewhere. Find max at www.maxcoutard.com or on Instagram.

About the Publisher:

Kareative Interlude is a creative design company utilizing the arts to inspire your art, project, and business, today, tomorrow, and into the future. Find them at www.kareativeinterlude.ca or on Instagram.