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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” -Albert Einstein

Workshops & consulting services for children and youth

At W1derus, we understand that traditional education programs do not offer creative opportunities for children and youth to explore the many career options available to them. This can often leave them feeling unsure about what their next steps will be for high school and postsecondary. After attending our workshops, they won’t feel that way anymore  Our workshop participants will range in age from 4 to 17. Our facilitators and consultants are qualified and trained to share this information through the universal design for learning (UDL) and an anti-bias approach. The topics relate to careers and professions in:

Our goal for introducing topics such as careers and professions early in a child’s life is to build their self-esteem, self-efficacy, and confidence while providing a foundation for lifelong learning. At W1derus, it is our belief that when children stay focused on a dream or goal, they stay focused on their worth and value. We believe that this will propel them to avoid choices that may interfere with their dream or goal. This idea is based on research that supports the positive impact that early childhood development has on the lifespan of an individual.

Our consulting services for children and youth have been designed to support parents who are interested in nourishing their child’s individual talent, gift, and skill, but are unsure of how to navigate this very important task. The difference between this service, and our workshops, is that our facilitators and consultants are working with both the child and parent to discuss topics that relate to what courses the child should focus on, what extracurriculars would be most beneficial, and to discuss what schools may be better for the child. Our goal is to help parents build communication, understanding, and guidance in the early years so that their journey of parenting will be a healthy and positive journey that will span generations.

*We use the word parent to describe any caring adult(s) in a child’s life or the person(s) responsible for their well-being.

Workshops & consulting services for adults and seniors

At W1derus our workshops and consulting services will offer adults and seniors an opportunity to learn new skills and ideas to promote personal and professional development. It’s not a secret that many are living with the feeling of, “If only I…”. Our facilitators and consultants will support their journey and turn that feeling into, “I’m so glad I finally did!”

The workshop topics are based on the needs of the adult and senior participants, but can relate to topics and upgrades such as:

Our goal is to remind adults and seniors of what their talents, gifts and skills are. To remind them of what it is that they love to do. By upgrading their skills, they generate a new feeling of strength and power to bring back ideas that have been dormant due to life’s responsibilities. By upgrading their skills, they create new ideas for what’s next in life. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Personal and professional development is the key to living forever. We understand that feeling good about what you do every day actually helps you to be better every day!

Our consulting services for adults and seniors have been designed using an original coaching approach created by Nicole Cummings-Morgan. This approach allows participants to remember, reflect, change and maintain (RRCM).

  • Remember what had sparked their interest;
  • Reflect on where they are presently;
  • Change their actions and thoughts to be different with this new knowledge;
    And the most important
  • MAINTAIN! There is no point in doing the first 3 steps if you don’t maintain them.

Once completed, participants will make better choices, unravel what has been hindering their goals, learn new skills, make new connections, and overall improve themselves.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”― Henry Ford

“Leadership isn’t about getting your own way. It’s about helping others find theirs.” – Nathan Smith

Workshops & consulting services for businesses and organizations

W1derus’ workshops for businesses and organizations will support employers to support their employees. With a social responsibility to the communities they are located in, we provide ideas on how they can make the lives of their employees and their families better.

Henry Ford said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

The workshops for the employers use the remember, reflect, change and maintain approach. This ensures employers are mindful that when employees and their families are happy and healthy, their productivity rate goes up. When productivity goes up the business benefits from a positive working environment.

Workshop examples include:

The consulting for businesses and organizations provides ideas on how they can contribute directly to supporting people in our communities. For example, with a wealth of knowledge in each business and organization, we connect young adults looking for volunteer work and internship programs that better suit their talents, gifts and skills. This effort presents opportunities that would otherwise not be available for young people to make the best choice for their future endeavours. Another example of consulting services for businesses and organizations is to provide them with an idea of how to share their business model through workshops. This is an ideal way for children, youth, adults and seniors to gain a better understanding of the business world in the event they choose that path.